Friday, 25 September 2009

I’m delighted to say that we had a great day, met some wonderful people with awesome stamina and generally enjoyed ourselves. Cycling along the Tennyson Trail took us up a couple of near vertical chalk hills. The view from Compton Down was breathtaking, or was that the lack of fitness! It was almost as breathtaking whizzing down the other side at 40 miles an hour! As we toiled up past an old barrow, a belted Galloway calf stood in amazement, as three red faced men puffed past. We managed to cycle 21 miles in the end with a few minor detours, we still didn’t find a pub. The canoe was hard work on the shoulders and although it only took us just over half an hour it seemed a lot longer. We did an impressive beach landing at the end, which was spoiled by my inability to stand up, as my back had locked (thanks John for helping the old man up). It was a lovely sunny day, which made for a sweltering run. My back problem kept me from completing the run, but John and Grant came back talking about narrow cliff paths and being hosed down by a couple. You will have to ask them for the details. The map turned in to papier-mâché in John’s running shorts. As far as I know it is still there! I can’t thank everyone enough who helped run, organise, support and sponsor the event and of course a special thanks to those who participated. I would urge you to get involved next year.
With the money raised from my justgiving this site we will be able to provide community support through our "Your Healthy Heart" scheme for 6 months. From the giftaid alone we can now supply leaflets for the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team to give to people who have suffered heart attacks, helping them understand what is going on. That is quite an achievement.