Wednesday, 11 November 2009

There is an I in TEAM

Business have evolved, no longer driven by muscle today’s business are driven by the mind. Information and knowledge are what drive the world now. Leadership must also evolve if a company is to continue to thrive and prosper. Business no longer needs automatons, mindlessly following orders given by a select few. It needs collaborators working together.

Job minded people serve time where as career minded people live time. They come to work because they want to rather than have to. Career minded people are self motivated; they want to learn and excel. They understand that each and everything they do enhances them as a person. Each project is a learning opportunity which increases their talents, experience and knowledge bringing them one step closer to wherever they choose to go. One more step that broadens their horizons and expands possibilities. In the truest sense they are working for themselves; refining their product which is them.

The days of “There is no I in TEAM” are over. In today’s world employees must be able to work with the management not for management. The challenge is how to put the “I” in Team. This is a team in which each individual works in unison with others whilst utilising those talents and abilities that make them unique. Success in business is all about relationships. Management must not hoard information or wisdom but share it willingly and understand that what is good for one is good for all, that what benefits one benefits all. When one succeeds all succeed. Employees under this leadership style view problems as challenges, they persevere and are proactive. They are not afraid to speak up and share their ideas or to ask for information or help.